Living shell

The shell of this hermit crab is alive. Corals grow on the shell like the one that can be seen in the right of the photo and the small one just to the right of the eyes.

The corals help the crab to disguise itself and when you move close, the crab moves inside the shell for protection. Therefore it took a long time to approach the crab without scaring it, so that I could take this close-up.

I really like the eyes pointing towards the lens and the hermit crab kept moving them like antennas.

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Exif data

Blænde: f/7.1

Lukketid : 13/10

ISO: 800

Tidspunkt: 2011-07-11 11:15:28

Blitz: Yes

Brændvidde: 50 mm

Kameramodel : Canon EOS 550D

Note: Jeg brugte et EWA-Marine U-AXP undervandshus under dykket og en Nissin ektern flash monteret ovenpå kameraet i undervandshuset.